Fabric Banners

Fabric banners really have an advantage over traditional vinyl banners. The main difference is color. Due to the sublimation process, the ink “permeates” into the material, giving the appearance of brighter and a more dynamic color range. With less surface ink, we achieve better reds, greens and blues than traditional digital printing. Don’t get me wrong, we can produce great RGB colors with traditional banner printing, however you must “lay down” a lot of ink to do it! Whether it is an outdoor or indoor event, participating in a trade show, or you want to promote your products or services, put a fabric banner to work for you.


Our Fabric Banners are produced using the latest dye sublimation processes which are capable of producing continuous tone images giving you photo realistic banners unlike traditional screen printers where you can see a dot pattern or line screen.

Dye sublimation is a unique printing method that allows you to print any design utilizing digital printing. Your graphics or images are transferred to your fabric banner using a thermal transfer machine reaching temperatures as high as 400° F. While the fabric banner is heated under this high temperature and pressure, the dyes turn into gases which permeate into the fabric banner saturating 95% of the fibers.

The end result is that the dyes are actually absorbed into the fabric, not just printed on the top of it like screen printing. The result is a depth and richness to your images that aren’t possible through other printing methods. This produces high resolution graphics at crisp photo quality from edge to edge.

These fabric banners are sharp in detail, vibrant in color, wrinkle resistant, lightweight and durable. They are very versatile, water resistant and come in two finishes satin and matte which can be washed in cold water if needed. An additional benefit from fabric banners is that they are an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl banners.

Fabric banners come in all sizes from 2ft x 2ft minimum to maximum of 126" (10.5ft) to any length you like. Heck, you can wrap a baseball diamond if you like! Please see below for the different types of fabric banners we offer:

Flag Fabric Banners

If you are looking for an affordable fabric banner then consider using our fabric banners that we produce using our 3.7oz flag material. Similar to our Feather Flags, Tear Drop Flags and Rectangular Flags these banners are light weight and designed to move in the wind drawing people’s attention. Not to mention they are more affordable to produce saving you money.

These fabric banners offer the same high-quality dye-sublimation printing process as all of our flags, which provides +95% ink saturation through the fabric material so you get a mirrored image on back. These fabric banners are printed using UV ink so they hold up great outdoors and are also water resistant. They are available in single or double-sided up to 72” tall in any length.

Standard finishes include a left canvas header (white or black) and grommets. Other finish options also available.

Matte Fabric Banners

These fabric banners are the most popular banner on the market today. Ideal for indoor or outdoor events, trade shows, store fronts, point of purchase displays, sport stadiums, window banners, building banners, you name it. There is no better way to attract people’s attention than a banner from National Sublimation

Honda-tall-bannerThese durable banners are made from a heavy duty 9oz banner material designed to withstand the harshest conditions. We print your custom graphics or photographs using the latest dye sublimation printers giving you a continuous tone image unlike screen printing which is comprised of large dots of ink that sits on top of the material. Dye sublimation printing heats the ink close to 400 degrees f which turns the ink into a gas which permeates 95% of the fabric banner fiber or material. Once your banner is printed, you can literally wash your banner in cold water without the risk of your image coming off like silk screen banners. We also use UV inks so they hold up great in sunlight and are water resistant. You can also fold the banner with no risk of wrinkling making them ideal to ship or store.

Fabric banners come in all sizes from 2ft x 2ft minimum to maximum of 126" (10.5ft) to any length you like. Heck we have done banner projects that wrapped around an entire baseball field.

Backlit Fabric Banners/Displays

Backlit Displays and Banners provide the extra POP for tradeshows, retail displays, and indoor scenery. If you want to catch someone’s attention these indoor display products are awesome. All of our backlit displays are made from the same fabric material as our banner products and require a lightbox to laminate your graphics. Backlits are produced using the latest dye sublimation printers with the highest resolution output in the industry. Our backlit displays & banners offer premium color, text clarity and contrast that are unmatched in the printing industry.

Backlit Banners have become a popular alternative to traditional backlits printed on Duratrans and other typical film or plastic substrates. Backlit signage printed on fabric has great light diffusion properties, is light weight, easier to handle and cost less to ship. When the edges of the backlit display or banner are sewn with silicone beading and stretched taut over a light box frame, the illuminated display looks amazing.

The backlit displays come in heavy duty 9oz material and come in sizes up to 59” tall by any length making them ideal for the smallest to largest backlit displays on the market.

Ultralux Fabric Banners

If you are looking for a high-end banner, canopy or event tent then this is the display product for you. Our Ultralux banners are made from our most durable 9oz water resistant Ultralux fabric material.

This high-end fabric is a three layered woven fabric that is 100% polyester, wrinkle and scratch resistant with minimal light reflection. The tight threading of this fabric allows for exceptional print quality and opacity, more than any other standard banner or display fabric. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor banner or display product, Ultralux banners are our top of the line display product. They are suitable for banners, table tops, canopies, event tents, photo backdrops, pop displays, event signage, pole banners, rectangular banners, and more.

If you want a banner that lasts a long time, then look no further. The Ultralux fabric can be machine washed with cold water on gentle cycle and laid flat or hung to dry. Wrinkles or creases can be eliminating with hand steamer. (Do not use bleach, tumble dry, or iron).

These banners come in sizes up to 59” tall by any length making them ideal for the smallest to largest displays on the market.