Vinyl Banners

Traditional Vinyl Banners are a popular choice for outdoor or indoor events. Indoor and outdoor vinyl banner sizes range from 12” to 60” tall to any length. A typical vinyl banner length is anywhere from six feet to twelve feet, but custom length is not a problem. National Sublimation uses HP latex ink printers which produce a more eco friendly vinyl banner as well as your traditional eco-solvent digital banners.

Our Vinyl Banners can be cleaned with a mild soap and water mix using a soft nonabrasive rag. While the inks will hold up to a gentle cleaning, the banners are not meant to be scrubbed. To store your banner for future use, simply roll it with the ink side facing in and place it back in the shipping carton.

Vinyl banners are definitely a popular choice for outdoor display booths, due to their durability. However, Fabric Banners are also becoming more and more popular. Please see below for the different types of Vinyl Banners we offer:

13 oz Matte Vinyl Banners

Matte Banners from National Sublimation are designed to be long lasting, even when used outdoors, but are also great for indoor events and trade shows or display tables.

vinyl-bannerThe 13oz Vinyl banners are the standard in the display industry. The smooth surface of the matte banner has a high quality satin finish that produces less glare from the sun when use outdoors or from a camera flashes when used indoors.

Our 13oz banners are not quite as heavy as our 18oz banner making then more economical and slightly lighter in weight. These durable banners are waterproof, fade-resistant and printed using the latest UV resistant eco-friendly inks giving you the more vibrant color possible.

Sizes range from: 2'x2' to 5' (60”) x any length.

18 oz Matte Vinyl Banners

18oz Matte Banners from National are our heaviest and most durable vinyl banner you can buy. These vinyl banners are made to last a long time in any environment. They are waterproof, fade-resistant and printed using the latest UV resistant eco-friendly inks giving you the more vibrant color possible.

The 18oz Vinyl banners are the standard banner for outdoor events, ballparks and hanging outside of your business. The smooth matte surface has a high quality satin finish that produces less glare from the sun making it visible from long distances.

Sizes range from: 2'x2' to 5'x any length.

Mesh Vinyl Banners


National Sublimation offers the best prices on Mesh Vinyl Banners than anywhere in the country.

Mesh banners are ideal for hanging on fences where you need windproof banners for large outdoor spaces like outdoor events, arenas, ballparks or construction areas you want to conceal. These vinyl banners will stand up to every element and with the interwoven fibers the wind will sail right through putting less strain on your banner making it last much longer. Mesh banners are also an excellent choice for outdoor venues such concert backdrops, window advertising, building wraps, and stadiums.

Sizes ranges from: 2'x2' to 5'x any length

TIP: When designing your mesh banner, make sure to adjust for the semi-transparent nature of this material. The final print colors will look considerably lighter than the colors shown in your proof (most noticeably when back-lit) due to the mesh pattern in the vinyl material.

Pole Banners

pole-bannersCommand attention for upcoming events or spotlight achievements with pole banners. These high-visibility pole banners are perfect for college campuses, hospitals, shopping malls, churches, events arenas and more. Our pole banners are an exceptional method to provide a decorative approach to any outdoor area that can advertise events, city-wide awareness campaigns and much more.

Pole banners can make passing traffic aware of businesses or industrial parks, museums, zoos, historical districts, and cultural locations within any community. They are a perfect advertising medium for community planners to announce local events to locals and tourist passing through the city. These pole banners can help designated areas for parks and common areas designed for joggers, walkers, and biking trails. They can easily be hung along street lights and poles and help you dress up the city for each season of the year or holiday.

All our vinyl banners come with a variety of finishes and options to choose from.