Fabric and Vinyl Banners



Banners tell a story. Whether it’s an indoor banner or an outdoor banner there is no better way to attract someone’s attention from a long distance than a banner. So if you are planning an outdoor or indoor event, sponsoring a trade show, promoting your products or services, let a banner tell your story.

National Sublimation offers two types of banners, the newer fabric banners and the more traditional vinyl banners:

Custom Fabric Banners are printed using the latest Dye Sublimation processes capable of producing continuous tone images giving you photo realistic banners unlike traditional screen printers where you can see dot patterns. These fabric banners are sharper in detail, vibrant in color, wrinkle resistant, lightweight and durable. They are very versatile, water resistant and can be washed in cold water if needed. An additional benefit from fabric banners is that they are an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl banners. Typically, a matte fabric is used to produce this type of banner. We use our Supersmooth Banner material to make double sided banners. Both sides are smooth - No scrim - and there is a block out between the front and back layer.

Traditional Vinyl Banners come in 13oz, 18oz, mesh banner, and pole banners. Indoor and outdoor vinyl banner sizes range from 12” to 60” tall to any length. A typical banner length is anywhere from six feet to twelve feet, but custom banner length is not a problem. National Sublimation uses HP latex ink printers which produce a more eco-friendly vinyl banner as well as your traditional eco-solvent digital printers.

Vinyl banners are definitely a popular choice for outdoor display booths, due to their durability. However, Fabric banners are becoming more and more popular.

All of our banners are easy to hang, put on a pole or fence making them very popular for both indoor and outdoor events, trade shows, signage, displays, churches, weddings and gyms. Businesses that travel to trade shows love the fabric banners because they are light enough to throw into a suitcase for easy travel and don’t wrinkle. The fact that they are lightweight also keeps shipping costs to a minimum if you don’t want to carry them. Fabric banners come in all sizes from 2ft x 2ft minimum to maximum of 126" (10.5ft) to any length you like. Heck, we've done banner projects that wrapped around an entire baseball field.

All banners come in various finishes and options to choose from:

(Some options are at an additional cost. Please contact us for details.)

  • Single sided
  • Double sided
  • Unfinished
  • Hemmed
  • Grommets (special, four corners, every 2 feet)
  • Wind Slits
  • Cut to Image
  • Heat sealed/hot knifed on polyester fabrics for clean edges that will not unravel
  • Taped
  • Pole Pocket location (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)
  • White Canvas Header
  • Black Canvas Header
  • Webbing
  • Rope
  • Velco
  • Gold fringe

Color matching is available ($50 charge per color match). Typically if you use a true Pantone® color, we wave the color matching fee and will match as close as possible to the printer gamut.

Need help designing your banner? We're glad to help. Please call or contact us online with questions or for more design details and volume discounts.

Otherwise, simply upload your artwork into our production environment and we will send you a proof for approval. Once approved, your banner will be placed into production immediately with an average turn time of 5-7 days.